Parma pharmaceutical industry plants

Parma pharmaceutical industrial plants

Quality and safety

Belletti Impianti is also at the forefront in the construction of pharmaceutical industry plants in Parma. The company is engaged in the pharmaceutical sector, building high technology systems and machinery for companies in the sector. Products and industrial solutions made according to the law in stainless steel. Each processing is performed according to strict procedures by an in-house team of professionals whit its thirty-year experience in the sector. To ensure high standards of quality and safety, the company takes care of the purchase, traceability of materials, construction, welding and testing of the plants made. The company's strategic objective also in this field is to offer its customers increasingly innovative pharmaceutical machinery, designed to best meet the requirements of the customers.
Pharmaceutical industry machinery

Development and innovation

For this reason, in addition to the intrinsic innovation of the products and technologies used, Belletti Impianti also develops management methodologies and systems that support innovation. The design and construction of a plant for the pharmaceutical industry, in fact, needs great care throughout the production cycle. Relying on Belletti Impianti means relate to a company able to provide a comprehensive and quality service from design to post-sales assistance in a delicate sector, such as pharmaceutical, striclty regulated by law. Belletti Impianti also has a highly specialized dedicated technical team able to provide timely and effective interventions. The optimal efficiency of the systems, in fact, ensures constant product quality also reducing the extraordinary maintenance.


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