Parma Food Industry Plants

Parma food plants

Efficient production processes

Belletti Impianti is a leading company in the design, construction and installation of food industry plants in Parma. The plants are addressed to the companies that produce drinks and food and which are involved in the processing of raw materials into foodstuffs and beverages. All the systems installed are positioned by the skilled technical team. The machinery for the food industry proposed by Belletti Impianti, in addition to being designed to perform its specific complete function, are always technologically advanced and made of particularly resistant materials. Food production systems are essential for activating all useful production processes such as pasteurization, cooking, cutting, shredding, washing, filtration, pressing, storage and elimination of germs.
Food plants


Belletti Impianti provides companies engaged in the processing of substances and food, all the tools for the performance of these operations. The company supplies specific plants for all the different sectors of the food industry: dairy, fruit processing, vegetable processing, bakery, yogurt making, beer making, drinks, preserves.
The technicians also offer specialized and professional assistance regarding the installation service of large and complex machinery and lines for the production process. Finally, a specialized assistance team is always available to intervene on plants and on-site and off-site process components such as plant modifications, expansion and regeneration of plate heat exchangers, inspection of process pump / valves and endoscopic controls.


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