Parma Beverage Industry Plants

Parma beverage systems

Food & Beverage Technology

The experience and skills acquired in the sector of plant engineering applied to the food sector, allow the company to propose itself as a partner for its ability to create beverage industry plants in Parma according to the requests of the clients. Specifically, the company designs and manufactures: mixers, pasteurisers, beverage sterilizers and all the tools for water treatment. To guarantee complete and accurate services, the company has been always operating in full compliance with the requirements of its customers. Having tools that fully meet their production needs, is an advantage in terms of investment and quality. This is the reason why there are the most important industrial groups operating in the food & beverage sector among the customers of Belletti Impianti.
Industrial plants

Cutting - Edge solutions

Belletti Impianti provides systems in full compliance with the current laws. From the dairy industry to wine-making, from the beverage industry to breweries, the company has always been a reliable partner thanks to its always cutting-edge solutions. Belletti also provides its customers with special systems for bottling, packaging and closing cans and bottles. In particular, for the dairy sector, Belletti Impianti designs and implements specific instruments for milk and yogurt pasteurization and packaging. As for the wine sector, the group has a complete line of presses and bending machines, barrels, vats for aging wines. Finally, for the breweries the company proposes silos, tanks and fermenters, equipped with modern technologies for the control of product quality.


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