Parma Belletti Impianti Supplier of industrial plants

Plant installation and building for the food and pharmaceutical industry
Our company manufactures special plants for the food and chemical-pharmaceutical sectors.
Each solution is tailored to our customers.

Food & Beverage

Belletti Impianti is a supplier of industrial plants in Parma. The company is specialized in the design and construction of specific plants for the food and chemical-pharmaceutical sectors. The experience and skills gained allow the company's technical staff to follow all the processing phases from design to delivery. These operations are performed with the higest quality and always in full compliance with the needs of the client. Belletti Impianti realizes: C.I.P. washing unit (Cleaning in Place) and S.I.P. (Sterilization in Place); valve cluster; sterilizers; pasteurizers; syrup salt; storage and distribution rooms; mixing skid; deaerators; pasteurization tunnel; saturators; filtration systems; flash-coolers and dissolvers.
Pharma & Cosmetic
The similarities that associate the food industry with the pharmaceutical one, in terms of finishing materials, sanitary design and welding processes and certifications, have enabled the Belletti Impianti company to operate with considerable success even in the latter delicate sector.
Thanks to the know-how gained, in fact, the company proposes today to its client:

Pressure tanks, Active ingredient reactors, WFI preparation skid, Pilot plant, Filtration skids, Production plants, Clean steam production plants, Purified water loops.

Water & Wastewater
Respect for the environment and the balanced consumption of a precious and non-renewable natural resource such as water, has always been one of the guidelines of Belletti Impianti's industrial strategy.
The company, in fact, proposes to its customers an awareness raising policy in favor of the adoption of modern water recovery systems in industrial processes and sanitary design components also in drinking water lines.
By virtue of this eco-friendly leanings, Belletti Impianti also operates in the water treatment and purification sector through the production and installation of filtration plants, anaerobic sludge treatment plants and drinking water collection lines.
Engineering & Service
Thanks to its working staff made up of young, dynamic and highly specialized collaborators, Belletti Impianti is a leader in the competitive and highly technological field of reference.
Thanks to the knowledge acquired and the long experience gained in the field, the team carefully and promptly manages each order received from the project until the test.
Moreover, thanks to its technical team, the company also provides a timely and effective Service & Maintenance service through assistance on systems and on-site and off-site process components: plant modifications; expansion and regeneration of plate heat exchangers; inspection of process pumps / valves and endoscopic checks.


We design solutions tailored to your every need:
- Monobloc stainless steel plants
- Mixer
- C.I.P. washing units
- Job security
- Storage tanks designed for specific needs or applications.





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